What’s the best antidote to systemic racism? Giving to POC-led orgs!

The best way to stand up for social justice and to disrupt the status quo this holiday season is to donate to People Of Color (POC)-led organizations.

My favorite POC-led social justice org is The Privilege Institute (TPI). Year-end donations will directly contribute to:

  • Continuing support of the White Privilege Conference, the award-winning annual social justice conference now in its 18th year, that works to disrupt and dismantle all systems of oppression and privilege (racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, etc.);
  • Furthering social justice education through one-day symposia in specific cities around the U.S. and beyond;
  • Production of its online journal: Understanding and Dismantling Privilege;
  • Creation of a Speakers Bureau to educate campuses and organizations on issues of social justice.

Today, Tuesday, Dec. 6, is Colorado Gives Day. Since TPI headquarters are located in Colorado, anyone in the world can give through this link for added benefits to TPI! And you can also donate not only as a year-end donation, but also as a gift to friends or family members this holiday season. Consider TPI!


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