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Dr. Samuels in the News:

Culturally Inclusive Mindful Leadership Coach Dr. Dena Samuels Comes to Enlighten September, 2018 | print

‘White privilege’ under microscope at conference in Philly
April, 2016 | print

Ongoing Debate over Offensive Words Hits NCORE
May, 2015 | print

Colorado sociologist helps Parents, Teachers Talk about Ferguson with Kids
December, 2014 | audio

Talking to Kids about Race
December, 2014 | audio

Faculty discuss strategy for controversial topics, discussions in class
March, 2017 | print

White Privilege Conference arrives in Philadelphia
April, 2016 | print

Culturally Inclusive and Trauma Sensitive Yoga for Addiction and Recovery
December, 2014 | print

Talking to your Kids about Ferguson
December, 2014 | print

Parents, Kids Need To Talk About Race, Colorado Expert Says
November, 2014 | print

Talking to Kids about Race
December, 2014 | audio

Social Identities in Classroom

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