Implicit/Unconscious Bias & Microaggressions Training

Implicit/Unconscious Bias Training: Often discrimination happens in classrooms and organizations because of engrained stereotypical thoughts and ideas we have been taught to believe as true. These ideas are so imbedded in our brains we actually believe they are “natural” or the “norm.” This keynote/ workshop asks us to consider our own biases and their consequences, and provides strategies for minimizing bias and stereotypes to create a more inclusive educational environment.

Add Minimizing Microaggressions Training to our Implicit Bias  keynote/workshop to integrate interactive skill-building. We will contextualize microaggressions and deconstruct them to uncover their often-unintended consequences. Through interactive skill-building group work, we will consider how to effectively challenge microaggressions when they arise, and become agents of change as we strive to create more culturally inclusive spaces.

Take Minimizing Micraggressions Training to the Next Level with virtual reality simulations!

After taking this training, you have the option to include a hands-on practice session! Organization members are more likely to take action in their workplace environments if they have had a chance to practice intervening in difficult situations. 

We partner with Mursion, a global organization that specializes in virtual reality (VR) live-action simulations that allow organization members the opportunity to practice what they have learned from our training. VR is the next frontier in training.

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