Diversity Training Book Club

Transform old-school "Diversity Training" into Book Club & Keynote

Join the many institutions and organizations that are using The Culturally Inclusive Educator: Preparing for a Multicultural World as an all-campus or all-organization read! Samuels is available to come to you to facilitate a book club discussion before or after your organization has read the book.

Rather than dragging organization members to yet another “diversity training,” they will be motivated to attend a Meet the Speaker event to get their specific questions answered! Your organization members will be requesting to come to this workshop!

The Culturally Inclusive Educator:
Preparing for a Multicultural World

Dena R. Samuels, PhD
(Columbia University’s Teachers College Press, 2014)

About "The Culturally Inclusive Educator: Preparing for a Multicultural World"

The Culturally Inclusive Educator asks educators to consider what they can do differently to create a welcoming, inclusive, and exciting environment for the 21st century. Based on the author’s national research and consulting work, this book examines the discrepancy between the current educational cultural climate and the need for educators and their institutions to prepare for a growing multicultural population. It asks what constitutes effective preparation, and provides guidance on overcoming personal and institutional challenges to cultural inclusiveness (stereotype threat, microaggressions, colorblindness/identity-blindness, implicit bias, among others).​ Samuels begins with the challenges facing the higher education community and then offers 8 transformative steps to help build cultural inclusiveness that any educator teaching any subject can utilize to increase their effectiveness. Culturally inclusive leadership is highlighted as the model for educators and institutions to embrace to become successful in today’s world.

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