Diversity Strategic Planning and Executive Coaching

Diversity Strategic Planning​

Assessment of Campus, School or Organization
Survey the attitudes, intentions, and behaviors of organizational members around issues of diversity and inclusiveness using a groundbreaking instrument that can provide critical information about the status of your organizational members to specifically tailor your organization’s diversity and inclusiveness needs.​

Develop a Diversity and Inclusiveness Strategic Plan for your Organization 
Review the needs of your organization (survey, discussion groups with stakeholders, interviews, etc.) to formulate a plan and set goals for making your organization more culturally inclusive. We work with you to provide a comprehensive policy and strategies for implementation. 

Follow-up Consultations as Diversity & Inclusiveness plan/programs progress 
Continued support for your diversity and inclusiveness needs as your organization becomes more and more culturally inclusive. Troubleshooting any obstacles to furthering your strategic plan.

C.I.T.E. Program: Culturally Inclusive Transformative Education

If there is a member(s) of your organization or campus who is exhibiting offensive behavior, the CITE program is available – we can work with that member in a one-on-one 6-week course that can bridge the gap from offensive to pensive.

  • 6-week one-on-one mini-course on diversity and inclusiveness 
  • Meet via phone or teleconference once/week for 75 minutes
  • Homework includes readings, videos, activities, and short reflection papers
  • Includes detailed report of progress of employee at midpoint and at conclusion of course

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Enroll in Executive Coaching on issues of Diversity & Inclusiveness and Inclusive Leadership Development. Work one-on-one with executives, administrators, and/or staff to troubleshoot obstacles to building diversity and inclusiveness in your organization.